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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li (2009)

Overall verdict: 4/10

The Good: frantic fight scenes, realistic setting

The Bad: cheesy dialogue, no explanation for sudden inclusion of fantasy elements, cliched story, lack of deeper themes, contrived narrative.

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DVD features:
- just the movie

DVD Grade: C-
A bold idea with a failed execution, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" is obviously going for a "re-imaging" of Street Fighter. In a re-imaging, one takes a storyline and makes it realistically believable. A number of movies adapted from comic books, cartoons and games have succeeded in that aspect; choosing to disregard the more far fetched and fantastical concepts and replacing them with aspects that are more rooted in contemporary reality. That much should be a big cue to any viewer to NOT expect something true to the original video game.

It is not surprising that the creative team decided to go with this decision. Previous game adaptations that stuck with its more "unrealistic" concepts(Dead or Alive, Street Fighter 1994) never did as well as those that underwent a realistic re-imaging like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. Even unrealistic comic book movies like Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider did not do as well as those more grounded in reality like Batman Begins. In fact, it would be a breath of fresh air to have a Street Fighter story taking place in the real world and without all the campy goofiness that made its 1994 predecessor such an embarrassment.

The idea and The concept were good, but the execution was horrendous. Story-wise, "Legend of Chun Li" is a simple "hero's journey" type of tale. At Twelve years old, Chun Li, a talented pianist and martial arts prodigy under her father's tutelage, witnessed the violent kidnapping of her father one night by an international crime lord named Bison. Though the memory of that night remained with her, Chun Li managed to suppress it and move on with her life, eventually becoming a respectable pianist many years later. One day after her eighteenth birthday, her mother passed away. Lost and trying to find direction in life, Chun Li discovers evidence that her father might still be alive and an ancient scroll that leads her into the heart of the Bangkok slums in search of a mysterious man named Gen who might hold the answers to her father's fate. There she witnesses first hand the sad state of the town and the cruelty inflicted upon them by the local crime syndicate which Chun Li soon discovers, happens to be run by none other than Bison himself. Determined to ascertain the fate of her long lost father and exact vengence on Bison, Chun Li apprentices herself to Gen, who so happens to be a master of a mystical form of martial arts.

Now if its one thing that director Andrzej Bartkowiak seems to be able to do,it is staging a fight and working a camera to bring out the best in that fight scene. Each kick and punch is shown with such vivid impact, yet wire stunts are used with restraint so as to not take away from the realism of the show. Whats more, the director is in familiar territory. With crime syndicate/revenge/martial arts movies like Cradle 2 the Grave and Romeo Must Die in his resume, Legend of Chun Li is right up his alley.

So what went wrong? Everything else, basically. The series of events that lead to Chun Li's run in with Gen and to her finale showdown with Bison felt too convenient and contrived, at times almost like it was lifted from a cheesy kung fu B-movie. She conveniently gets sent an ancient scroll, conveniently runs into Bison's secretary at a night club, conveniently meets Gen; it is an entire string of convenient plot holes. The dialogue seemed awkwardly cartoon-like, despite the best efforts of the cast, more the fault of juvenile writing than with the acting. But the real crime comes when the producers took what could have been one of the MOST grounded-in-reality story for any video game adaptation, and threw in some of the most unbelievable, far out elements from the game.

The movie was going strong until 30 minutes into the film when you see a character tossing a "special power fire-ball" around. Yes the game characters tossed special power balls around like pies among clowns but against such a down to earth setting and backdrop, such a concept would be ludicrous. They changed Bison from a power hungry, "psycho power" wielding dictator in charge of his own terrorist nation, into a more realistic underworld crime lord who works through blackmail and subterfuge. Then they had to go and throw in "ancient dark arts to rid a person of his conscience by transferring it into a baby". Those concepts and more........are just there. There is no explanation as to how they come to exist. Is Chun Li a mutant with special powers? Are people hurling fireballs at each other such a common sight that civillians in the movie do not seem to be surprised at it? All of it sounds like something out of a bad 1970s cartoon.

So, Unable to decide if it was going to be a straight out adaptation or a re-imaging, this movie failed to define its target audience and instead delivered a half baked product that was all over the place but not where movie goers want it to be. It pissed off the fans of the game, a game that is the absolute definition of "unrealistic". It alienated blockbuster fans thanks to its low budget look, incoherant story and juvanile dialogue. Lastly, it even put off lovers of realistic martial arts movies by throwing in the unrealistic game elements without so much as an explanation. Overall, it is an entertaining but slightly clich├ęd cop/criminal organisation/martial arts/revenge story that barely even gets the basic elements (a good story for example) right. This movie had potential for great things. At very least, the ever attractive Kristin Kreuk provides good eye candy .

*****************************Review End******************

Go For it: to see a daring attempt at a realistic reinvention of an unrealistic video game and imagine everything it could have been
Avoid it: if you are a fan of the Street Fighter video game who would rant bloody murder if just one hair on a character's head was hanging in the wrong direction or if martial arts movies were never really your thing.

Entertainment: B-
Story: C
Acting: C-
Characters: B-
Replay value: C
"Brains": D-

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